Our Chief Aims

To develop whole, balanced, secure and confident children who will approach life with enthusiasm and in a Christ-like manner.

To be an extension of the church and home, to support parents in training their children according to the Word of God (Proverbs 22:6).

To offer an education that is Christ-centred and Biblically-based (James 1:5), founded on the belief that God is the Creator of all life and the source of all wisdom.

To provide the highest level of education for every student so that each may fulfil their unique God-given potential and be affirmed in the use of his or her gifts and talents.

To equip children with learning and living skills that enable them to live in the wider community which includes preparing them for integration into secondary school and further education.

To create an environment of love, acceptance, care, discipline and forgiveness where children are taught to develop relationships based on Biblical principles.

To foster respect, integrity and personal responsibility in the life of every child while acknowledging each other’s uniqueness and preciousness before God.

To be a family under the loving Fatherhood of God. As this school is an extension of the ministry of parents in the home, parents are actively encouraged to be “hands on” in the life of the school.

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