Late last year Berowra Christian Community School had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Mr Pepa Bala, an elder in his village and school leader who had been forced into hiding after his village was involved in tribal fighting. A unique bond was formed when Mr Bala again visited in early 2008, before heading home to PNG to take up the regional leadership of a group of schools.

The region of Lumusa, where Mr Bala is from has been disconnected for 10-15 years due to the fact that the bridge connecting Lumusa to it’s regional centre has been damaged. This seriously affects the availability and access to basic amenities such as education, health, food, and law and order. Many people have died as a result of the inability to reach crucial medical care in time.

As a result of this, BCCS took it upon themselves to raise the $10,000AUD to fund the repair.

On Thursday 12 June, each one of our 115 students from Kindy to Year 6 walked the Benowie Track from Crowley Rd to Barnetts Rd in Berowra – approximately 5km in all. Walkathon sponsor books were issued and to date over $12,000 has been raised!! We are so grateful to our school community for the remarkable response to this very worthwhile work.

In conjunction with the Walkathon, we held a ‘Draw the finished Lumusa Bridge’ competition, where, for a gold coin donation, our students drew a picture of what they thought the bridge would look like after the repairs were made.

Our Principal Mr Stephen Spies will be visiting PNG in July and is hoping to see first hand the bridge and its progress.